About Triffic Innovations

Triffic is a subsidiary of Coinerz Group Pte. Ltd.

Triffic Innovations Limited is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands as a BVI Business Company (1978145), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coinerz Group Pte. Ltd. (201732993N), a private limited company incorporated in Singapore with team members from the UK, USA, France, India and Australia, who have been working together for a long time.

We are positioned to take advantage of this by creating and nurturing the next generation of easy-to-use decentralised applications that are accessible to anybody in the world. Unlike most blockchain companies, the value of our company will not be based on the fluctuations of a volatile trading market. Instead, we will build value the traditional way – by creating amazing products with a sound business model, making the most effective partnerships and listening to our users.

"We are not a blockchain company, we are simply a company that uses blockchain technology to provide trust to our ecosystem."

James Malach, Chief Executive Officer