GPS Token Airdrop Information

The Snapshot Happened At 11:41am (GMT) On 14th July, 2019.

In order to receive your GPS Tokens, you will need to download and install the Triffic App when it is launched in Quarter Four of 2019. The app will give you a unique code, which you will be required to send to us. There will be a strict cut-off point for claiming GPS Tokens, and this will be exactly 90 days after the public launch date. To ensure that you don't miss the deadline, please enter your email below, and we will inform you as soon as the app is ready!

Step-By-Step Guide 1/3

How To Install The Wallet And Generate An Ardor Address

You need to keep your Ignis Tokens in your own wallet to be included in the snapshot.

Step-By-Step Guide 2/3

How To Exchange Ardor For Ignis In The Wallet

This guide assumes that you have already moved Ardor from an exchange into your wallet.

Step-By-Step Guide 3/3

How To Exchange Ignis For GPS In The Wallet

This guide assumes that you already have Ignis in your Ardor wallet.

GPS Token Airdrop Timeline

Participants will receive one GPS Token for every five Ignis Tokens that they hold in their wallet when the snapshot is executed at block height 818,000 on July 14th. Users will then be required to download and install the Triffic app when it is released to the public in Q4 2019 and register their wallet with the app in order to receive their GPS Tokens.

    • JULY 14th, 2019
    • A snapshot of the Ignis blockchain successfully occured at block height 818,000..
    • QUARTER 4, 2019
    • The first version of the Triffic app is launched publicly.
    • Start of strict three month period where users can link their wallet and app.
    • Start of 'Buyback and Burn' program, designed to reward GPS holders with regular token bonuses, based on a 50% share of video advertising revenues.
    • QUARTER 1, 2020
    • End of strict three month period where users can link their wallet and app.
    • Once the airdrop distribution has completed, there will be a burning event, which to lower the total number of GPS Tokens from 1,000,000,000 to 600,000,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to travel from A to B, whether by foot, on a bicycle or even via car, then you will benefit from using the Triffic App on a daily basis. These are just a few examples of how anybody can use Triffic to earn GPS Tokens, drive new customers or simply to have fun.

What Are GPS Tokens?
GPS Tokens are the in-app reward system for the soon-to-be-released Triffic App. People can earn GPS Tokens by walking, driving and cycling about and our unique 'Proof-of-Effort' algorithm rewards users based on the amount of effort they put in. Simply put, someone who walks for one kilometer will earn more than somebody who drives the same distance. Users can also find hidden caches of GPS Tokens that appear in 3D augmented reality.
What Is The Triffic App?
Triffic is an augmented reality lifestyle app that rewards users with cryptocurrency for traveling about, treasure hunting, and supporting local businesses. 'Triffic Beacons' drive real, physical footfall and repeat business to local establishments by rewarding customers for their loyalty.
How Does Triffic Relate To Ignis?
Ignis is a fully featured child chain of the Ardor ecosystem and is one of the most fully featured blockchain systems on the market. GPS Tokens have been generated as Ignis Assets and these are used in the Triffic App to reward people.
I Participated In The Triffic Bounty, How Do I Claim My GPS Tokens?
Once we release the Triffic App, you will be able to download it, register the wallet address that you registered with us and you will receive your GPS Tokens.
What Do I Need To Get My Free GPS Tokens?
You simply need to hold Ignis in your Ardor wallet at the time of the snapshot and you will be assigned 1 GPS tokens for every 5 IGNIS. Then once we release the Triffic App, you will be able to download it, register your wallet address and you will receive your GPS Tokens at the same time as everybody else.
I Hold My Ignis On An Exchange. Will I Still Receive GPS Tokens?
NO! You will need to hold them in a separate wallet that is not part of an exchange. The reason for this is because many exchanges use a single wallet that is differentiated by a message ID. We need to send GPS Tokens to separate Ardor wallet addresses.
When Will I Receive My Free GPS Tokens?
As long as you had Ignis Tokens in your wallet at the snapshot, you will receive your free GPS Tokens once we publicly launch the app and you have downloaded and linked them together.
Is There A Time Limit For Collecting My Free GPS Tokens?
Once we release the Triffic App, you will have a total of 90 days to download it and link your wallet. This is a strict deadline and missing it means that you will not receive any GPS Tokens.

I Want To Be Notified About When I Will Receive My GPS Tokens

Enter your email address to be informed as soon as the Triffic App is launched and you can claim your GPS Tokens.