Triffic Rewards

Earn extra GPS Tokens in our bounty program by following and promoting Triffic on social media.

Triffic Rewards is our bounty program which lets you earn free GPS Tokens in lots of different ways - from following us on social media to featuring Triffic in blogs and YouTube videos, and even recommending us to your friends and colleagues.

Our bounty program is incredibly easy to use too. In fact, you can earn your first 200 GPS Tokens within a couple of minutes after signing into your members dashboard for the first time. Check out the videos below to see how easy it is to start earning in just a few minutes.

Triffic Airdrop

Earn Up To 200 GPS Immediately

You can earn your first 200 GPS Tokens - the equivalent of $10 - immediately by following us on Social Media. We're paying 40 GPS Tokens - the equivalent of $2 - for each of our social profiles that you follow. Follow us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and you'll also get a 40 GPS Token bonus!

Affiliate Referrer

Earn 40 GPS when somebody uses your link to sign up for a triffic account and then passes KYC.
Earn 400 GPS when one of your signups goes on to purchase more than US$100 of GPS Tokens.

Earn a potentially unlimited number of GPS Tokens by referring new signups to Triffic.

The Small Print: To participate in the Triffic Airdrop, BitcoinTalk Signature and Content Creator programs, you must have a minimum of 200 followers on Twitter, 100 friends on Facebook, 200 Connections on LinkedIn and Junior Member status on BitcoinTalk. For example, if you have over 200 Twitter Followers, but only 50 Facebook Friends, your Twitter submission will be counted, but your Facebook submission will not be counted. In addition, your Twitter account must have an 85% audit score or above. You can check this by visiting TWITTERAUDIT. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts that appear to be solely for the purpose of harvesting bounties will be banned and all GPS Tokens will be forfeited. These are defined as accounts which (i) only feature bounty posts from multiple bounty programs, (ii) have multiple postings at a time, (iii) have extremely low engagement. Any news articles that you write must be over 400 words in length and have a minimum originality score of 70%. You can check this by visiting QUETEXT. YouTube videos must be at least 2.5 minutes in length and be dedicated only to Triffic. Fake accounts and multiple accounts and using unsolicited email or messaging to promote your affiliate link are strictly forbidden and will result in an automatic ban from the Triffic Rewards program.