GPS Token Allocations

Find out how GPS Tokens will be allocated and used.

As well as being sold in our ICO, GPS Tokens are distributed to users of the Triffic App whenever they use it to travel around. We are also using GPS Tokens internally as a way of paying our team and advisors (some of whom have worked, unpaid, on the project for over two years), issuing bounty and affiliate payments.

Once the Triffic ICO ends on 29 March, 2019, all unsold GPS Tokens from the 250,000,000 ICO allocation will be burnt (removed from the blockchain), reducing the supply of tokens.

1,000,000,000 Triffic In-App

Triffic In-App (60%)
Locked and can only be awarded to app users who fulfil Proof-of-Effort criteria.
ICO Token Sale (25%)
Sold to private investors who participated in the Triffic ICO and Founders Sale. All unsold tokens will be provably burnt (removed from the blockchain).
Team Members & Advisors (7.5%)
Tokens earned in lieu of salary cannot be sold for six months. Tokens earned after the closing date of the ICO cannot be sold for 12 months. Tokens that have not been distributed 12 months after the close of the ICO will be provably burnt (removed from the blockchain).
Airdrops, Bounties & Affiliates (7%)
To include the Triffic Rewards bounty programs, in-app affiliate program and initial beta beacon airdrop.
Scavenger World (0.5%)
Participants of original Scavenger World fundraiser in Summer 2016 which provided limited initial funds to start the project which became Triffic.

Distribution Of ICO Funds

International Marketing (50%)
Due to the potential global reach of the Triffic App, it will be necessary to implement specific online and offline marketing strategies in each country in which we intend to operate.
Research & Development (25%)
To speed up the rate of iOS/Android development, add exciting new features, and ensure the security and integrity of our blockchain ecosystem.
Business Development (10%)
As we grow and start to work with large, international companies, we will require dedicated personnel to manage these accounts.
Expansion of Staff (10%)
Top quality staff is paramount when it comes to success, and we will hire personnel to fill identified (and as yet unidentified) weaknesses with our current team.
Accounting & Legal (3%)
In order to operate safely, Triffic will need to keep meticulous financial records and also be aware of potential legal pitfalls for each country down to a local level in many cases.
Day-to-Day Costs (2%)
Necessary items like servers and bandwidth, travel, equipment and office space that the company will need in order to grow and scale effectively.