GPS Token Information

Learn about the GPS Token and why it's a great investment.

GPS Tokens are what makes the Triffic ecosystem tick. Because they are blockchain based, all transactions are transparent. We chose the Ardor blockchain as its parent/child chain structure is less likely to lead to blockchain bloat than Ethereum alternatives. In fact, Ethereum will be copying Ardor’s parent/child chain fundamentals in its forthcoming ‘Plasma’ update - which currently has no scheduled launch date.

Whilst Ethereum is incredibly powerful, there are a number of features that come with Ardor straight out of the box. Not only will this reduce development time, but having these baked-in features as standard means that our app should be less prone to security flaws than if it was built with Ethereum from the ground up.

We are taking the decision to start off with an Ardor Asset because it is based on technology that has been constantly worked on and improved since 2013. It is important to note that Triffic is not in the business of creating new blockchains. We are a company that will use proven blockchain technology to enhance our services. There is little point in reinventing the wheel, and using Ardor technology will ensure that we can get up and running quickly without the need to worry about many of the technicalities of blockchain creation.