Proof Of Effort

The Triffic algorithm for earning GPS Tokens rewards people based on their loyalty and usage of the app.

Proof-of-Effort, like its name suggests, is designed to reward users based on the amount of effort they put into the app. A very simple example of this is how a user who walks for one kilometer will be rewarded with more GPS Tokens than somebody who drives the same distance.

An issue with almost every app in existence is that people tend to use them less and less over time. This is due to a variety of factors including the ones listed below.

Loss Of Motivation

Especially common with fitness-based apps, which reward people for reaching targets. Not surprisingly, fitness app usage correlates with seasonal workout habits, with the holiday season marking the lowest activity, followed by a peak in January after people have made their New Year’s resolutions. Statistics show that only 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions after the first 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them.

Because Triffic Proof-of-Effort rewards people for walking, running, cycling or driving, people can still earn GPS Tokens as their jogs around the park turn into walks to the pub.

Apps Become Boring

There’s a limit to how many Pokemon you can catch or how many geocaches you can find before everything starts to feel the same. It gets to the point where users who were once major evangelists of certain apps turn against them.

Triffic Proof-of-Effort works in the background, meaning that users don’t need to keep performing the same actions again and again. As long as they have time on the clock, they can earn GPS Tokens.

Little Payback

Spending months on end levelling up stats is all well and good, until you realise that in the real world, it counts for very little indeed. Whilst there might be a certain level of respect gained from becoming a Level 100 Pokemon Master and “catching ‘em all”, on the grand scheme of things, titles and in-game super-powers mean very little in the real world.

Triffic Proof-of-Effort ties its levelling system directly into how much you can earn. This means that dedicated, long-time users, earn more GPS Tokens than brand new users, providing a huge incentive to keep on using Triffic.

Mounting Costs

One of the major drawbacks of the micropayment economy is that users can easily fall into a cycle of addiction. What starts off as a quick one dollar purchase to help you through a section of a game turns into multiple quick one dollar purchases whenever the user is stuck for more than a few minutes. After all, it’s only a dollar, right? Wrong!

Triffic Proof-of-Effort does not subject its users to micropayments of any kind. At no point are users required to risk their own cash as monetisation is taken care of by rewarded video advertising.

Encouraging Early Adopters With Token Halving

In the same way that each Bitcoin block used to generate 50 Bitcoins, but now only generates 12.5 Bitcoins, the Triffic Proof-of-Effort protocol has a built in halving algorithm that makes GPS Tokens progressively harder to acquire over time. Using an arbitrary baseline figure of 1, the following table shows the halving process.

In the first year, there is a halving process every three months, followed by a six-monthly halving process in year two and then an annual halving process. As can be seen from the graph, this is designed to encourage early adopters who are given the chance to accumulate tokens which, in turn, gives them them a greater share of each month's Buyback-and-Burn bonus.

Keeping Our User Base Loyal With Levels

The Triffic Proof-of-Effort protocol employs a leveling mechanism that is designed to reward users for long-term use of the Triffic App. User statistics are measured in four different categories (total distance, beacons found, adverts watched, total GPS Tokens earned) and combined together to produce an overall multiplier.

In practice, this means that a brand new user who has not gained any levels will earn GPS Tokens at the base rate of 1:1. Whereas a user who has reached level 1 for distance (1.02), level 3 for beacons found (1.06), level 2 for time earned (1.04) and level 5 for GPS Tokens earned (1.10) will earn about 1.24 GPS Tokens for every 1 GPS Token that is earned by a new user.

Keeping Our User Base Engaged On A Daily Basis

Triffic uses an innovative way to persuade users to engage with the app on a daily basis. This involves awarding a time bonus for each consecutive day that the user logs in. The entire bonus is lost if the user forgets to log in for a day and needs to be built up again.

As can be seen from the graph, a user who logs in consecutively for just one week will have almost 75% more GPS Token earning time than somebody who has not been engaging with the app on a daily basis. The advantage of this is that loyal users receive more time to collect GPS Tokens meaning they can earn more and also level up more quickly, resulting in even greater earning potential.