Triffic Roadmap 2019-2020

A (mostly) complete rundown of our progress on all fronts.

Originally called 'Scavenger World', development on the app was started in August 2016. Since then, the project has advanced in leaps and bounds in terms of scale and scope. This roadmap charts our progress both as a company and in terms of development of the Triffic App. We intend to update this page each time we start or complete a task and the key below makes it easy to chart our progress.

    • MAY 2019
    • Triffic closes ICO two weeks early, after successfully raising funds from the sale of 146,000,000 GPS Tokens.
    • JULY 2019
    • Snapshot of the Ignis blockchain on 14th to get ready for the distribution of 154,000,000 GPS Tokens to Ignis token holders who have downloaded the Triffic App, later in the year.
    • Q4 2019
    • Launch of Triffic App v1 public release.
    • Airdrop of 154,000,000 GPS Tokens to Ignis holders.