Learn About The Triffic ICO

Our main ICO runs from 18 Mar, 2019 until 18 June, 2019.

Our ICO pre-sale officially officially started on July 2, 2018 and lasted until December 17, 2018 where we raised approximately $100,000. This was used to create a minimum viable product of the Triffic App, and now we're ready to take it mainstream!

Our main ICO will be split into two sections. A founders sale for people or institutions who wish to invest more than $10,000 and our normal sale which has no minimum investment. To learn more, simply check out the frequently asked questions on this page.

How Much Will GPS Tokens Cost?

For normal participants, GPS Tokens are on sale for $0.05 each and for participants who invest more than $10,000 in our Founders Sale, they are available for $0.02 each.

Are GPS Tokens A Security Or A Utility?

GPS Tokens are a utility token and are used as the backbone of the Triffic in-app ecosystem.

How Many GPS Tokens Being Sold In The ICO?

250,000,000 are available to be sold and any unsold tokens will be burnt.

How Can I purchase GPS Tokens?

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ardor. WE DO NOT ACCEPT FIAT CURRENCY!

Is there a KYC Whitelisting Process?

You must meet our KYC requirements in order to purchase GPS Tokens. People who wish to invest over US$10,000 will also need to pass enhanced KYC.

Can People From The USA Take Part?

Yes, as long as they are an accredited investor.

Is There A Way To Earn Bonus Tokens?

People who purchase GPS Tokens using Ardor receive an automatic 10% bonus!

Do You Have A Bounty Program?

We most certainly do! More information can be found on our Triffic Rewards page.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you have read the White Paper, please click the Sign Up link at the top of the page to get register for a Triffic account. Your account will also mean that you'll be able to start earning free GPS Tokens with our bounty!

When Will I Receive My GPS Tokens?

Your GPS Tokens will be sent to your registered wallet address within 14 days of the ICO close date.

How Do I Get A GPS Token Wallet?

We will automatically generate you a wallet address when you sign up for your Triffic account.