Triffic Team & Advisors

Triffic has a small, but highly proficient team that works on the project full-time.

James Malach

Chief Executive Officer

James originally founded the Coinerz Group in early 2014 as an automated OTC exchange. He created the concept of Triffic in the summer of 2016 and self-funded the project until 2018. As the driving force behind Triffic, James has created and optimized the financial business model and is also responsible for the user experience.

Christian Wallace

Chief Operating Officer

Christian manages all factors outside of the company's technology and product that affect internal and external growth. With over 20 years of operational experience, he focuses on banking, finance, legal, human resources, marketing and public relations.

Alex Shepherd

Chief Technical Officer

Alex is a full stack software developer and devops engineer with over 10 years production experience. He designs and builds back-end software solutions, specifies and deploys infrastructure, and manages the mobile application development team's time.

Paul Hammond

Acting Chairman

Paul provides Triffic with overall guidance on the business and go-to-market strategy. Paul is currently Chairman of Hambros LLC, CEO and founder of and a board member to Yardarm Technologies where he holds patents related to IOT devices.

Joseph Nehorai

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

As Global Head of Futures and Options Execution Sales for Goldman Sachs, Joseph was the first investor to recognise the potential of Triffic as a game-changing business. A valued advisor who raises awareness of Triffic amongst institutional investors.

James Lau

CEO, Skynest Fund

As a veteran of China's energy industry, James has worked for the Chinese government and the central bank. Through Skynestfund, he specializes in seeking Chinese financial support and equity investments for blockchain projects from large institutional investors in China.

Shashank Patel

Production Manager

Shashank has been involved in creating benchmarking solutions and has been working with geolocation and mapping for over six years. An expert at creating software development kits (SDKs), advertising and data-mining platforms.

Kishan Gohel

Android Developer

Kishan is a Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering who has been developing Android applications for over five years. His work involves bringing the Android version of Triffic up to parity with the iOS version.

Anton Cullens

Community Manager

A Netherlands-based E/I Engineer with over 25 years experience in designing automation systems, Anton tirelessly manages our rapidly growing community on Telegram and other social media platforms.