GPS Token Economics

November 28, 2018

As well as being sold in the Triffic ICO, GPS Tokens are distributed to users of the Triffic App whenever they use it to travel around. We are also using GPS Tokens internally as a way of paying our team and advisors (some of whom have worked, unpaid, on the project for over two years), issuing bounty and affiliate payments.

Once the Triffic ICO ends, all unsold GPS Tokens from the 400,000,000 ICO allocation will be burnt, reducing the total supply.

The initial supply of one billion GPS Tokens will be split in the following proportions:

• 450,000,000 GPS (45%) – Triffic App Users
• 400,000,000 GPS (40%) – Triffic ICO
• 75,000,000 GPS (7.5%) – Team and Advisors
• 70,000,000 GPS (7%) – Bounty Programs and Airdrops
• 5,000,000 GPS (0.5%) – Scavenger World

All unsold GPS Tokens from the 400,000,000 GPS that have been allotted to the Triffic ICO will be burnt, reducing the overall supply of GPS Tokens. We intend to use the raised funds in the following proportions:

• 50% – Marketing of the Triffic App
• 20% – Further development of the Triffic App
• 12.5% – Business Development and partnerships
• 5% – Legal services and compliance

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