GPS Tokens, The Triffic Monetized Asset on the Ardor Ecosystem

November 27, 2018

GPS Tokens are an asset that has been created under the Ardor parent/child-chain ecosystem. The decision to go with Ardor, as opposed to an ERC20 token was several-fold.

While blockchain-technology is ground-breaking, it is simply one of many tools that contribute to a successful business. Triffic is not a blockchain company. Triffic is a software company that utilizes blockchain technology to prove the transparency and integrity of its ecosystem.

Ardor’s mature and constantly updated blockchain framework takes care of essential technical aspects of token creation like security. Ardor’s in-built decentralized exchange also allows GPS Tokens to be cashed out at any time. You can then sell your Ardor to fiat, Bitcoin or Ethereum using any exchange that lists Ardor. And that currently includes Binance, Huobi, Upbit, Bittrex, Poloniex and many more.

This means that, unlike many ICO Token offerings, which leave investors with bags of unsaleable tokens, GPS Token holders can cash out at any time.

Because we plan to reward GPS Token holders with 50% of our video advertising revenue, we are also making use of Ardor’s ability to easily distribute token payments to existing token holders.

For more information about GPS Token economics, please click here.