How The Triffic Blockchain Takes Advantage of The Science Behind Gamification

November 30, 2018

There is a reason why the majority of mobile applications are moving over to ad-supported gamification models, and that’s because it capitalizes on the basic human need to be rewarded.

Companies like Facebook and Reddit have successfully capitalized on this with their system of ‘Likes’ and ‘Upvotes/Downvotes’ because they know that users will keep on returning. As much as people hate to admit it, having a well-liked post on Facebook or a highly upvoted thread on Reddit feels good, and that’s because it causes the body to release dopamine into the reward centers of your brain.

The Triffic App is, at its most base level, a way to gamify your entire life.

Mundane tasks that would once have been boring and tedious – like taking the dog for a walk – can now be associated with cryptocurrency rewards, and this is a strong motivating factor when it comes to building up habits.

On the opposite side, loss aversion therapy plays an important role in gamification too. On a psychological level, losses can be twice as powerful as gains, and studies show that people would rather avoid losing $10 as opposed to finding $10.

Again, Triffic uses this to its advantage.

For example, Triffic rewards people for actions such as logging in every day. Log in for seven days in a row and they can earn more GPS Tokens for travelling the same distance than someone who logged in infrequently. These rewards are cumulative but are also reset as soon as there is a break in the sequence.

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