The Triffic Early-Bird Fundraiser Has Officially Begun.

December 3, 2018

After more than two years of self-funded development, Triffic has finally opened up it’s early-bird fundraiser.

From 3-17 December, 7,500,000 discounted GPS Tokens (<2% of the total) will be sold to the public. Available on a strictly first come, first served basic, Tokens will cost just $0.04 each instead of $0.05 for the main ICO in January.

Larger investors who are willing to commit $10,000 or more are also able to purchase GPS Tokens at just $0.02 each – that’s just 40% of the Main ICO price.

Triffic is a mobile application that uses a combination of augmented reality, blockchain technology and GPS to successfully accomplish two main goals.

For users, Triffic is an elegant solution that makes earning funds as easy as travelling about. It requires no lifestyle changes and can be used anywhere in the world. Triffic users earn cryptocurrency called ‘GPS Tokens’ whenever they travel from one place to another.

For businesses and services, Triffic is a new way to take advantage of augmented reality and blockchain technology. You can create and manage customer loyalty programs and drive customer footfall to locations. And unlike all other loyalty programs, GPS Tokens have an actual monetary value. They can be cashed out into fiat using any participating cryptocurrency exchange.

Unlike the vast majority of blockchain projects which have failed to deliver a product, the Triffic proof of concept app is just a few weeks away from public testing, and our full launch is scheduled for summer 2019.

The business model is also incredibly simple, relying on the same tried and trusted gamification methods that monetize the majority of apps. Triffic is a project that is accessible to everybody.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Turn on the app and watch a short (<30 secs) video message.
  2. Get awarded with 30 minutes of ‘fuel’ for each video message.
  3. Whenever you have ‘fuel’, you can earn GPS Tokens by walking, cycling and driving about.
  4. 50% of revenue from video messages is used to purchase GPS Tokens on the open market and distributed back to wallet holders.

Simple, eh!

“Triffic is one of the most exciting under-the-radar projects to enter the blockchain space for a long time. The team are really putting together something very special.”
– Joseph Nehorai, Managing Director, Global Head Futures & Options Execution Sales, Goldman Sachs

So we cordially invite you to learn more about the project because the lights are about to turn green.

For more information about the Triffic ICO, please click here.