Triffic In A Nutshell

March 18, 2019

Triffic is a smartphone application that will reward you for living your day-to-day life. Triffic aims to do for ground-based travel what Air Miles has done for frequent flyers. Users earn GPS Tokens, for walking the dog, jogging in the park, cycling to work or driving to the shops. Proof-of-Effort means that somebody who walks for one mile will earn more than somebody who drives the same distance.

Triffic brings cryptocurrency and its uses to the masses. Unlike traditional purchases, which involve coins, notes or cards, a cryptocurrency transaction involves procedures like alphanumerical addresses and transaction confirmations. In general, people are ill-equipped to deal with this. This is probably the main reason why cryptocurrency is not yet in mainstream use.

Triffic hides all of the complicated stuff and uses augmented reality to turn everything into an easily understandable physical layer. Cryptocurrency is no longer a complex environment with a high learning curve. In addition, Triffic rewards its users by using 50% of our advertising revenue to purchase GPS Tokens.