Triffic Removes The Complications Involved with Acquiring and Using Cryptocurrency

March 15, 2019

The main reason cryptocurrency has failed to make an impact on daily life is because the complexities outweigh the benefits.

Until the acquisition and usage of cryptocurrency is as easy as withdrawing money from an ATM, this situation will not change.

The Online Marketing Problem

The main problem with marketing businesses is that the majority of owners do not have the technical understanding or the budget required to effectively use methods like SEO, pay-per-click and affiliate marketing to drive sales. Additionally, all current online advertising methods concentrate mainly on driving potential customers to websites where sales can be made.

For businesses that depend on physical footfall, this is an inefficient way to reach new clientele.

The Solution Is Triffic

Triffic is a mobile app that uses a combination of Gamification, GPS, Augmented Reality and blockchain technology to make earning cryptocurrency as easy as travelling about.

It is also the most efficient way for location-based businesses to drive genuine physical footfall to their venues.

Triffic uses a unique concept called Proof-of-Effort to create a mutually beneficial relationship between end-users and physical businesses that is easy to understand and can require no monetary investment by either party.