Version 2 Of The Triffic White Paper Has Been Released Today

October 10, 2018

When the idea for Triffic (called ‘Scavenger World’ at the time) was conceived in the summer of 2016, it started a journey that would go through many stages.

After a year of self-funded development, both on the app front and the recruitment front, Team Triffic decided test the fundraising waters by holding a limited one-week trial fundraiser in July 2018. Despite little marketing, we raised about $100,000 which is being used to accomplish several tasks, including further development of the app, improving company processes and marketing.

We’ve also taken what we’ve learned during this time, and used it as an opportunity to completely rewrite our white paper, the results of which, can be seen with today’s new release. The new document is clearer in every way and spends more time explaining our mission in a clearer and more concise way than before.

In a nutshell, our mission is to establish a loyalty ecosystem that makes it easy for brands and services to use augmented reality and blockchain technology to create and manage innovative and immersive customer loyalty programs.

To find out how we intend to do this, please download our white paper by clicking below.

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