A Video Demo of the Triffic App So Far

November 21, 2018

In July 2018, we held a one week fundraiser to gauge consumer interest in a new kind of loyalty points app called Triffic. A play on the words ‘traffic’ and ‘terrific’, the app uses augmented reality, GPS and blockchain technology to accomplish two main tasks.

For businesses, Triffic makes it simple to create and run augmented reality-based loyalty programs which are designed to leverage truly local footfall and encourage them to visit locations. This is because business owners have the ability to create special augmented reality ‘beacons’ which give cryptocurrency to users whenever they accomplish tasks like purchasing from a venue or liking a page on social media.

For users, Triffic is one of the easiest ways to acquire cryptocurrency that has ever been conceived. That’s because they earn GPS Tokens whenever they walk, cycle or drive about. And what’s more, it requires absolutely no lifestyle changes. Users can earn GPS Tokens for walking the dog or driving to see great aunt Hilda who lives 200 miles away.

Despite little marketing, $100,000 was raised in 7 days from the crypto community. This enabled us to build a proof of concept to show a visual representation of our plans.

This video shows the app in action.

The next part of our ICO starts on 3rd December and lasts for two weeks. Interested parties can get white-listed by clicking on the ‘Register Now’ button at the top of the page and going through our KYC procedure.