So What Exactly Is Triffic?

So What Exactly Is Triffic?

Posted on September 30, 2018

Triffic is a new way for businesses and services to take advantage of augmented reality and blockchain technology to create and manage customer loyalty programs.

For users, Triffic is an elegant solution that makes earning funds as easy as travelling about. It requires no lifestyle changes and can be used anywhere in the world.

The Loyalty market is a $500 billion opportunity for blockchain-based infrastructure. While many companies run their own loyalty programs, they are normally based on individual proprietary systems that are expensive to develop internally. Users are expected to carry multiple cards or download multiple apps to keep track of their various loyalty program memberships.

The Triffic ecosystem provides a more efficient way for companies of all sizes to create, market and promote their loyalty program. Companies use the Triffic App to create augmented reality beacons outside their premises or in high-traffic areas which drive footfall.

Beacons can contain GPS Tokens, the blockchain-based cryptocurrency that powers the Triffic ecosystem. GPS Tokens can be acquired with or without investment because of the revenue-generating gamification features of the Triffic App. The unique ‘Proof of Effort’ smart contract that validates user earnings is based on a variety of factors including geolocation and traffic congestion.

Unlike all other loyalty programs, GPS Tokens have an actual monetary value. GPS Tokens can be cashed out and exchanged into fiat using any participating cryptocurrency exchange.

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