Why Triffic’s GPS Tokens Make it Easy for Anybody to Earn Cryptocurrency

November 29, 2018

Perhaps the biggest barrier to cryptocurrency ownership is the difficulty that people have making their initial purchases. Whilst the world of crypto exchanges might be second nature to blockchain enthusiasts, the reality is that nearly everyone else is not comfortable with the learning curve required to set foot on the bottom rung of the cryptocurrency ladder.

In short, there’s a reason why your grandmother doesn’t have a Bitcoin wallet!

Triffic has solved this problem by gamifying the process of earning cryptocurrency and hiding the complicated technical aspects. This leaves the average user (aka the mainstream) to concentrate on enjoying the app.

And unlike the financial models of many blockchain projects that rely on complicated calculations, in depth understandings and favorable market conditions to reward a token holder, the accrual of GPS Tokens can be understood by anybody – even Gran!

Here’s the business model in a nutshell…

1. Turn on the app and watch a short (<30 secs) video message.
2. Get awarded with 30 minutes of ‘fuel’ for each video message.
3. Whenever you have ‘fuel’, you can earn GPS Tokens by walking, cycling and driving about.
4. 50% of revenue from video messages is used to purchase GPS Tokens on the open market and distributed back to wallet holders.

In the same way that Facebook users can ‘Like’ something and Reddit users can ‘Upvote/Downvote’ a submission, mobile gamers are awarded with small badges, tokens or upgrades whenever they achieve something. It is this experience which keeps gamers coming back for more.

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